Body Treatments


What is a Body Scrub or Polish?

A Body Scrub or Body Polish is a spa treatment which exfoliates the skin on your body leaving it feeling fresh, smooth, moisturized, and soft. An abrasive product is rubbed vigorously and massaged into your skin, then rinsed away to reveal a moisturized layer of fresh, clean, and smooth skin.

How many times a week should you exfoliate your body?

As far as how often you should do it, most health experts agree that two to three times a week is plenty. If your skin is very sensitive, you might prefer to do it less. Keep in mind that the purpose of exfoliating is to remove dead skin cells allowing for new, health skin to form.

Is a Body Scrub or Polish good for skin?

Body Scrubbing or Polishing helps exfoliate your skin and remove dead cells. With a body polish treatment, your skin will feel moisturized and hydrated. Body Polishing also acts like a cleanser, helping remove oil and dirt from your skin. Besides the physical benefits, body polishing offers some therapeutic advantages.

What is a Body Wrap?

Imagine being cocooned in warm blankets as your body absorbs moisture, indulging your skin - this is a Body Wrap. Body Wraps are great treatments that help soften and hydrate your skin. Revive and rehydrate skin with this luxurious head-to-toe body quench. Warmed, deep hydrating butter is massaged onto your body. You’re then wrapped in a luscious cocoon, soaking in potent, antioxidant-rich, vitamin E to soothe, plump, and smooth skin. A therapeutic scalp massage and deep conditioning oil treatment follows. Your treatment concludes with a body massage.



Body Scrub and Polish // $95

Body Scrub + Body Wrap // $125

Chocolate Scrub and Polish // $105

Chocolate Scrub + Body Wrap // $135