Eyelash Tint // $30

Taking barely there lashes into lush, dark, and glossy eyelashes

Eyebrow Tint // $30

Hint of tint can flaunt natural, fuller brows that create a more polished and put together look on every face!

Henna Eyebrows // $50

Henna is a harmless and efficient way to darken your eyebrows, leaving them looking bold. This product is made with all natural ingredients.

Henna Eyebrows + Shaping // $70

Achieve beautiful, long lasting and defined eyebrows. Henna tinting including threading/waxing, tweeze and alignment method.

Gorgeous Eyebrows // $80

Enjoy truly beautiful eyebrows with a customized brow treatment. This involves, a trim, threading/waxing, natural tinting, and soothing aftercare which includes an eye mask and a light relaxing brow massage.

Semi-Permanent Mascara // $75

Say goodbye to that messy mascara in your make-up bag, and say hello to beautiful, natural lashes. Introducing Semi-Permanent Mascara, a formaldehyde free, hypoallergenic, flexible lash coating with a similar effect to that of mascara. But with the staying power unlike any other. Offering better results than a lash tint and can last for two-four weeks.